Does two-factor identification matter for file sharing?

Does two-factor authentication matter for file sharing? 

Today, let’s look at two-factor authentication and its value in protecting your file sharing efforts.

First, what is it? Two-factor authentication requires two different forms of identification to verify an employee. In general, the idea behind it is that the two forms of identification aren’t necessarily closely linked to each other: the possession of one form of ID doesn’t reveal the factor in the other ID.

What does this have to do with File Sync & Share (FSS) platforms? Organizations routinely share very confidential files among employees as well as third parties. All this sharing is occurring on external networks and via a wide variety of non-secure devices. This means the security that is built into an FSS platform is exceptionally important.

Anyone who follows any business news is aware of the severe consequences of a data breach. You should look carefully at the level of security offered by any file sharing tool that your organization is using. One of the security factors you should be using for everyone is a two-factor system. Your business data is too important to not need that extra step.